About US

With over 40 Year of Experience, Zaibe Trading Co.(India) and Soft Touch Ltd.(U.K & U.A.E) Together launched Birra Fragrances LLP in 2014.A simple thought that led to the creation of Birra Fragrances LLP – to bring world class products to you, our valued customers. In addition to our experience, we continue to work with passion, with providing our customers with top-of-the-line, luxury products. So you can take home the very best.

The first step in the process, is the import of the fragrances from the fashion forward continent of Europe. Everystep after the other is towards bringing you the best quality and service. From the packing of our products here in India – to the doorstep service is provided for you to test our products. We aim to seal the entire deal for you with class and style.

We complete our simple idea of bringing to you the fragrance of luxury, by introducing the french standard of quality in our perfumes. To make it even better, they come at prices that are set to please our customers, just as much as our perfumes will. To bring the Birra Collection closer to you, our products are available at Birra Showroom in Byculla, Mumbai. You can also opt for a trial of your private preferred perfumes directly from our website. The selected pieces will then be brought over to you for testing and making your purchase.

Having already grown and expanded, Zaibe Trading Co. is focusedly working to further Birra Fragrances LLP into becoming an International Brand. We have come a long way and our passion for the brand will stand out in our products and services. To keep up our simple policy of bringing only the best, exotic and affordable to our customers.

Why Choose Us?

Having been in the field for more than 4 decades, we have what you call a nose for fragrances. Thus we’ve put all our experience, expertise and extensive Research & Development together to bring you nothing but the best the industry has to offer Worldwide.

The company has emerged to be the leading player in the global arena. Superior range, technical advanced solutions, sound networks and convenient pricing are some of the features of our products which are making them the preferred picks in the highly competitive market.